May 18, 2016

Web Analytics Process

Every solid web analytics implementation process depends on certain tasks that need to take place before the execution can begin. Below, we have outlined our unique approach that we call the “Ninja Way.

See our “Web Analytics Process” explained to you in 2 minutes: (Click on picture, video will open in a overlay)

1.Define your business objectives

Step 1We won’t bring you or your team into a workshop for the entire day. Instead, we send out emails to 8 different employees in your company who are working with your website or app. The 8 employees could be anyone in your organisation, from your CEO to your marketing assistants. This will give us a better understanding of what makes your company a success, based on the objectives that each employee sees as vital for their own success – and the success of your company.

After we receive the responses, we will audit the answers and create a framework that shows which areas of the business all employees agree on, and which ones are secondary business objectives. The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that we (as consultants and experts) take all possibilities into consideration when building your bespoke framework.

As part of the delivery for this task, we will send out a business objective framework that will act as the foundation of the implementation and reporting. We will then book a 1 or 2 hour session to ensure that all business objectives are clear.

2. Walkthrough of your platform/solution/wireframes/designs

Step2The most important part of a Web Analytics implementation is to understand ‘user journeys’ and how the ‘user journey’ can evolve from a simple funnel to a complex multi-funnel system that can takes users through different pathways. We will spend an entire day on understanding your wireframes and designs and answer any additional questions in order to ensure that we understand your unique journeys.

3. Build your Web Analytics Framework

Step 3We will then take your Business Objectives back to our headquarters, and with the acquired knowledge of your platform we will be able to design a Solution Design Reference Document.

Most agencies will deliver their clients an Excel sheet with many different codes that will often leave the developers and marketing departments asking more questions about ‘how’ and ‘why’ to use this information. We believe that documentation should explain why and how the tracking is supposed to be utilised, so that there is unique documentation that is reliable and can be shared with stakeholders across your business. Our approach is unique because we custom build every single implementation documentation from scratch. We know that it takes a lot more effort to do all of this documentation from scratch, but we also believe that each and every single business has its own unique ways of dealing with web analytics and in-house data warehouses.

4. Implementation guidance

Step 4

We can help you implement the web analytics scripts with the help from your IT department, since they will have a better understanding of how the website is structured with web services and in general the code structure. The best way to organise your code is through a data layer, which is tool agnostic and secures your platform for many years forward.

5. Debugging and quality insurance

Step 5

This part is one of the most vital parts of any implementation. Did our team and the IT department actually manage to fire off tracking at the right time/interaction? We use Observe Point to go through all tracking requests on your website or app, and we always recommend using Observe Points’ automated tag scan to ensure that the tracking is working after a successful audit.

6. Dashboard/Reporting

Step 6

This part is most likely what your business is hoping to attain – a reporting framework that shows how your business objectives are doing and where you need to optimise most. We normally make a draft that shows the stakeholders how the outcome of a dashboard or report could look, and with feedback from the business we approach the best suitable solution for your everyday optimisation.

The above process has secured multiple clients a successful web analytics setup. Contact us today if you want to hear more about our unique web analytics process.