April 25, 2016

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimisationWhat is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO, is one of the most important things when it’s comes to make sure you are present on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). The traffic from a search engine, where you haven’t paid for the traffic is also referred to as “Organic search”. We can help you optimize your website to be more “SEO” friendly for some of these search engines: Google.com, Bing.com, Yahoo.com, Yandex.com, baidu.com and many more.

SEO, why you should care:

One of the most important things when working with SEO, is to ensure that you are not only optimizing your content for Google, but also for all the other search engines that are out there. Google might be big in Europe, United States, Middle East etc. But did you know that:

Bing and Yahoo together have around 30% of the US search market?

Yandex has a market share of 60% of the search market in Russia?

Baidu in China has 70% of the market share and Google is a minor player in a country that has over 721,434,547 people who has access to the internet.

An important take-away is that you should always optimize your website to the local market, since behavior on search, search trend, search word combinations etc. all play a vital role in how you can benefit from SEO.

Another important thing that is worth remembering when working with SEO is that you won’t see you result straight away. Unlike Web Analytics tools that are implemented, we can make changes within minutes and see the effect immediately. SEO is a different story, that not many people like to hear but the truth is, SEO is an investment that takes time. The changes made to a platform to optimize performance on Search Engines will require some long term investments and some short term quick fixes, that can tell the search engines that you are aware of how they want your content displayed to give the users that come to your website a better user experience online.

How we can help you optimize your online content for search engines:

With over 9 years of experience with Search Engine Optimization we have a solid understanding of how things work and how you get the most out of your optimization and how you approach your SEO from a organisation point of view.

Serviced offered within from us covers the following:

  • Extensive Keyword analysis based on your brand and competitors
  • GAP analysis, to see which strategic keywords you are not performing well on
  • Technical documentation that can help your IT department to fix the codes that are affecting your SEO in a negative way

We can also work closely with your content team to ensure that their newly produced content is following best practice, to ensure you a higher rank in your organic search results.

Feel free to contact us today. You might be missing out on some quality traffic.