November 2, 2015

Data Architecture

When working with Adobe Analytics, it is important to understand data collection and data structure at a core level. It’s not enough to simply count clicks to your website – you must also make sure that the data can be used with other back-end systems or correlated in Adobe Analytics for the most effective results. As Adobe Analytics certified architects, we can assure you that your solution will be hassle free and optimized to work with the systems that you already have in-house.

To be certified as an Architect for Adobe Analytics, you must master the following areas:

• Manipulating data
• Importing and exporting data
• Using any of Adobes Tag Management solutions (DTM/Launch)
• Data aggregation models

As you may have noticed, most of the certification addresses understanding of data collection and how to manipulate and use that data for other data resources.

We can help you meet the following goals for your Adobe Analytics solution:

• Define KPIs for your business
• Create a business requirements document
• Create a technical specification document that covers Adobe Analytics
• Provide alternate approaches to a given business problem
• Consolidate data to obtain a holistic view of your data sources
• Explain the details of the implementation and reviews with the developers
• Leverage JavaScript and JavaScript libraries to support your implementation
• Validate the implementation (post deployment) and confirm adherence to the technical specification

If you need help in any of the above, feel free to contact us through the contact form found on this page.

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