Observe Point

Audit your tags and ensure your web analytics quality is in top. Don’t do it manually, but automate the process. ObservePoint is a leading tag audit company that can help you ensure that if your tags suddenly stop to work, then you don’t have to wait for the monthly report to figure it out, but instead you can have a daily run on your website securing that tags are delivered as defined in the code or tag manager.

We have partnered up with ObservePoint because we know that keeping up to speed with tags implemented and if they work around your website can be quite a nightmare. With the offering that ObservePoint has, we can close that gap and quickly identify where the need is and what needs to be done.

ObservePoint has a free tool, which can be used to manually debug your tags. They also offer an enterprise solution where the process is automated and delivers a report that tells you which parts of your tagging is not firing off as intended.

Debugging your data analytics solution is a vital part of your data quality and should be something each company should do on a regular basis to ensure there is a consistency in data collection.

Feel free to contact us if you want to hear more about the products that ObservePoint offers and how we can help you with your tagging and debugging.


ObservePoint has these solutions available today:

WebAssurance™ automatically validates your digital data by scanning your web properties, rendering your web tags for functionality and integration errors.

Monitor, test and validate your mobile app data with AppAssurance™. Validate your mobile app’s unique tag implementations, ensuring your data is accurate.

VideoAssurance™ validates the marketing technology implementations on your videos, ensuring that all third-party tracking technologies are in place, functioning properly and collecting complete sets of data you can trust.

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