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Ensighten is a enterprise tag management solution, that can help you with a structured approach to manage, collect and distribute data across different platforms. Ensighten is one of a kind, when it comes to ensuring tracking across your website and apps, since they have a “no-sdk” approach to tagging your apps, which is quite unique. The advanced technology from Ensighten gives you a lot of room to explore, test and deliver unique experiences to each and single user of your app and it also collects data out of the box, so you can see which events are triggering and how you can tap into those events and deliver unique content based on users interacting with those events.

Ensighten covers over 1.000 different technologies, which means that no matter which marketing solution you are looking at, chances are that Ensighten will be able to integrate your solution through their tag management system.
At Web Analytics Ninja, we are happy to partner up with Ensighten so we can ensure our clients a solid implementation of web analytics tools, such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, but also 3rd party tags, such as Doubleclick, Adwords, Adform etc.

Ensighten is a brilliant Enterprise tag management system to use if you are looking to deliver a unique experience through different channels to each customer. Their platform is tailored to give the end-users of your product the control of which data can be stored about them, which makes it easier to deliver a better customer experience but also give the trust online users need today when interacting with your websites.

We have extensive experience with tag management solutions, such as Google Tag Manager, Dynamic Tag Manager, Tealium & Ensighten. If you need help with your personlisation strategy, tag implementation or governance model? Don’t hesitate to contact us through the contact form or on +44 (0) 7400 166 175