Web Analytics & data visualisation

How are web analytics vendors investing in data visualisation (Dashboard)?

The above question is becoming increasingly popular in the world of web analytics – more and more people want to know all about about the different data visualisation options open to them before making a decision about which one best suits their needs.

The big names in web analytics, such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and companies like Klipfolio who only specialise in data visualisation, all have their own products on the market, and so we have taken the time to research each of the options – read ahead to learn everything you need to know.

What is data visualisation – and why do you need it?

To put things simply, the term ‘data visualisation’ refers to the presentation of data (no matter what kind) in a graph, pictorial or other visual format. This is especially important for decision makers in an organisation; data visualisation allows them to see their data analytics in a visual way. This enables them to understand what they are seeing, grasp new concepts and most importantly, helps them to identify patterns that can be used to build business, solve problems and strengthen their bottom line.
Fully interactive visualisation can enable you to extract more information from your existing charts, graphs and spreadsheets, gaining more details and changing the ways that you use this valuable data.

Finally, effective data visualisation is of key importance when it comes to sharing this newly discovered information with other people. After all, your share holders, clients, team members, suppliers and possible recruits may not know about your industry as well as you do – your data visualisation tools can be a huge help when it comes to clearly and concisely communicating your message.

Adobe’s new Adobe Analytics add-on – ‘Analysis Workspace’

analysis-workspace-250 Software giant Adobe has recently launched Analysis Workspace, a new add-on to their Adobe Analytics tools suite. Analysis Workspace is earning legions of fans because it allows its users to share dashboards across their organisation and create new capabilities that specifically suite your needs, making this act a lot like a bespoke tool. Many users have been reviewing Analysis Workspace positively, finding that it functions similarly to an online version of another Adobe tool named ‘Ad Hoc’, and citing the positives that come along with that program. Adobe is investing heavily in expanding the capabilities for Analysis Workspace, so it might be worth moving your ad-hoc analysis requests to Analysis Workspace.


Google’s data visualisation tool – ‘Google Data Studio’

Google-Data-Studio-360-250 Like Adobe, Google is ensuring that they have a variety of data visualisation tools ready for their clients to access. The online juggernaut has recently launched a data visualisation tool named “Google Data Studio 360,” which is free to user for users of the also- gratis Google Analytics, and allows users to operate up to five dashboards. The tool has been winning accolades from users, and in terms of data connectors, it is quite promising, allowing users to visualise data gleaned from Google Adwords, Google Analytics and other tools into one single dashboard. Synchronicity with other Google products (such as Drive and Gmail) and ease of use – just some of the reasons to get on board with this option.  Unfortunately the tool isn’t released to the UK market (yet).


The best of all worlds – Klipfolio
While both of the above mentioned tools are handy and definitely helpful when it comes to data visualisation, the best of all of the options is Klipfolio. While this innovative program does require a little bit more initial time investment (reading online manuals and instructions) and a more technical skill set to initially set up and begin using, the pay off is well worth the time spent.

marketing dashboard

Once this initial allotment of time has been invested, you will begin to reap the benefits. Klipfolio allows you to visualise your data in countless ways and monitor the health of your business in real time, merging different data sources and be visualising them in one single, easy to read chart.

Rather than looking back and forth between screens and trying to absorb information from numerous visualisations at once, Klipfolio allows you to view this in one place, making it ideal if you have a wide array of data sources and/or want to display this information in a single dashboard.
Do you have a favourite data visualisation tool, or simply want to ask a question or share an opinion about the information presented above? Feel free to contact us through the contact form.